Senior Software Engineer

11 Practices of an Effective Technical Leader

By David Bryant Copeland

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Who is this book for?

You already write great code, and can figure out the latest frameworks. This book isn't about that — it's about everything else. It's about being an effective technical leader regardless of the tech stack. It's about delivering results with any kind of technology. Everyone from PHP hackers to hardcore embedded C programmers will get a lot out of this book.



240+ pages over 14 chapters & standalone essays:

  1. Focus on Delivering Results Read an excerpt »
  2. Fix Bugs Efficiently and Cleanly
  3. Add Features with Ease
  4. Deal With Technical Debt and Slop Read an excerpt »
  5. Play Well With Others
  6. Make Technical Decisions
  7. Bootstrap a Greenfield System
  8. Learn to Write
  9. Interview Potential Co-Workers Read an excerpt »
  10. Be Responsive and Productive
  11. Lead a Team
  12. Engineer as Product Manager (Essay)
  13. Production is All That Matters (Essay)
  14. Responsible Refactoring (Essay)
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Want the best projects?

The Senior Software Engineer shows you simple techniques for fixing bugs, implementing features, and getting things done quickly. You'll be the most valuable engineer on your team in no time.

Not interested in management?

The Senior Software Engineer outlines what it means to be a technical leader. You'll learn to be a reliable decision maker without leaving what you love – programming – behind.

Want to do it your way?

The Senior Software Engineer will teach you to lead by example. You'll become more than “just a programmer” — you'll be someone who consistently delivers results with software. Then you'll be in charge of how things get done.

What you get

200 pages of excellence in four DRM free formats.

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